Whether you are planning a corporate trip, golf trip, or family reunion, we are here to help.

We work with designated group departments to ensure that not only are you getting the best contracted rate for your travel party, but that you are also getting the personalized attention from the resorts or cruise line that is needed. Often, when booking a large party we can get special amenities, tailored excursions, or even free rooms/cabins. Thus, it is imperative to establish your group booking from the start.  

Why choose Shoreline Destinations for your next group vacation?

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Resort Selection

We will listen to your needs to ensure we provide the right property and location to fit your group. We will set up a reserved block of rooms for your group and manage all reservations up until check-in.

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Best Pricing

We will ensure you receive extra amenities and are well taken care of once on property. With our contacts and industry connections, we can ensure you are receiving the benefits and attention needed as soon as your group arrives

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Guest Reservations

We will be on-site prior to your guests arrival for groups of 50+ rooms complimentary. We will also provide on-site services for under 50 rooms at a contracted fee of $600.