Why we LOVE destination weddings!


If you are considering a destination wedding or renewing your vows, we’re here to help! We have coordinated destination weddings for many couples, and the experience always exceeds a couple’s expectations.

A destination wedding could include just the two of you, a few family members and friends, or could even be a week-long family reunion or vacation. Whatever you decide, we know it will be a truly memorable experience.

Here are a few reasons why we LOVE destination weddings…

1. Less planning

When you book a destination wedding with one of our travel advisors, planning will be easy! We handle all of the travel arrangements for you and your guests and will introduce you to your on-site wedding coordinator. Your wedding coordinator will take care of all of the details like flowers, centerpieces, music, and even obtaining your wedding license. While many agencies hand the wedding planning process off, we are committed to staying involved from beginning to end. All you and your significant other need to do is provide your preferences and show up!

2. The perfect location

When you have a destination wedding, you have the chance to pick the perfect location for you and your significant other. Our travel advisors have visited a wide range of resorts and locations and can help you choose the perfect location for your wedding.

3. The vibe

When you and all your guests are on vacation, the atmosphere for a destination wedding is typically a little bit more fun. ;-) Everyone tends to be less stressed and in good spirits. Do you want to get married on a beach in flip flops? Go for it! Don’t want your standard chicken or fish dishes? No problem! When you have a destination wedding, the vibe is more like a week-long party for you and your guests.

4. The pictures

Some of the most unbelievable wedding photos happen at destination weddings. The tropical flowers, the resort, the beach, etc. create beautiful photos of your wedding day (and don’t forget that you’ll have a tan too!).

5. Exploring a new place

Start off your marriage by checking a location off your bucket list. Have you always dreamed about going to a special destination? Now is your chance to explore a new location together!

6. Quality time with your guests

During a typical wedding, most couples only have a chance to do a quick meet and greet with family in friends. When you have a destination wedding, you have a chance to spend extended quality time with your guests. Your guests will also have the chance to spend quality time with each other whether they are snorkeling, golfing, or even having a spa day. It’s a chance for everyone to spend time together at an unforgettable location.

7. Vacation for you and your guests

When you have a destination wedding, you are really giving your guests a gift – a reason to take a vacation! People tend to get busy and taking a vacation isn’t always a top priority. A lot of guests are thrilled to be invited to a destination wedding because they finally have an excuse to take a vacation. And even better – they don’t have to do any of the planning! Your guests will simply need to contact your dedicated travel advisor and they will take care of the rest.

8. The costs

With resorts offering complete wedding packages, many destination weddings are now less expensive than traditional weddings. Packages can include your wedding ceremony, complimentary wedding planner, guest activities, room upgrades, and more.


9. Wedding night and honeymoon location

If you have a typical wedding close to your home, you will probably spend your wedding night at a hotel near your reception location, at a bed and breakfast, or at your home. With a destination wedding, you have the chance to stay at a dream location on your wedding night and you also won’t have to wait for your honeymoon to begin. You can wake up the day after the wedding at a beautiful resort.

10. A place to go back to…

When you have a destination wedding, the location will be meaningful to you and your significant other. Many couples use this as an opportunity to go back and revisit their wedding location for their 5, 10, or 25-year anniversary.

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Planning services are complimentary and we look forward to helping you find the perfect property for your destination wedding!

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