Are Destination Weddings on a Budget Possible?

You just got engaged…now what?  After the excitement dies down, you realize you have so much to do!  Where to start?  If you are considering a wedding abroad, you may be thinking…IS A DESTINATION WEDDING THE RIGHT FIT? ARE DESTINATION WEDDINGS ON A BUDGET POSSIBLE?

Destination weddings can fit any sized budget and be a great way to extend the celebration with your guests! So, yes, destination weddings on a budget are indeed possible. When you plan a wedding abroad, you are traveling with close friends & family to experience an incredible event together. Just about everyone loves a good reason to travel and by having your ceremony in a beautiful tropical setting, it’s reason enough for most to find a way to make it! No matter what your religion is, properties have a package to fit your ceremony requirements! In the case of a South Asian wedding, many brides and their families worry that the size of the guest list will not allow for a destination wedding. However, before it's ruled out, one should consider that costs for a local wedding can be higher than a destination wedding event.

In the last decade, the costs of a local Indian wedding have increased substantially. In fact, most local Indian weddings tend to cost far more than even an Indian destination wedding. Even though it is difficult to pinpoint an average, you can expect that most want to “out-do” the last Indian wedding they attended. 

  • Most Indian Weddings where there are hundreds of guests can cost anywhere from $70,000 to $100,000 and can easily double when booking luxury venues with over-the-top décor.

  • The average non-Indian wedding tends to be anywhere from $30,000 to $75,000.

It’s no wonder that no matter what type of ceremony couples are choosing to exchange their vows, they are looking for alternatives that give them a unique experience without the hefty price tag. What they want are options of destination weddings on a budget.

Destination Weddings on a Budget

Destination weddings are a fantastic value and do not have to cost any more than a local wedding reception.  In fact, in many cases, they can cost less!  Here are some reasons why destination weddings continue to be on the rise each year. 

  • WEDDING & HONEYMOON IN ONE: Couples combine the wedding with the honeymoon. Couples can celebrate a few days ahead with family and friends, enjoy the ceremony and then head to possibly a second resort in the same destination to begin their honeymoons. Guests can extend their stay at their current property if they would like! Many couples marry at one resort and then spend their honeymoon at an adults only resort close by. We can easily arrange this and recommend considering it when planning your destination wedding.

  • ASSISTANCE FROM SHORELINE DESTINATIONS FROM BEGINNING TO END (COMPLIMENTARY): Couples tend to pay airfare and/or hotel for their immediate family while guests make their own arrangements. When guests book at an all inclusive property, their food/drinks/on site activities are already paid for when they reserve their room! Shoreline Destinations will arrange the room block for your entire guest list, manage the room reservations, help guests with flights and release space not needed prior to the deadline so there aren't cancel fees incurred. For parties of 50+ rooms, an agent from Shoreline Destinations will be on property prior to your event to ensure all guests are checked in efficiently and everyone is comfortable! If you have under 50 rooms, no problem, a contracted fee of $600 will ensure we will be there to help your guests from the start!

  • CUSTOMIZED PACKAGES FOR ALL RELIGIONS: The top destination wedding resorts offer a wide variety of wedding packages to fit every budget! Destination weddings are on the rise and each property is trying to outdo the next with what it offers. The packages are as inclusive as you want them to be and there isn't much that hasn't been thought of. However, the beauty of these packages is that they can be customized so you can put your own unique stamp on your special event just as you would in the US. Shoreline Destinations will ensure that we are involved in the wedding planning process from beginning to end. While we will introduce you to a wedding planning team on property once the contract is complete, we still stay involved in all communications between you and the wedding planning team on site so that we are well aware of the expectations for your big event.

  • VENUES THAT HOLD ANY SIZED GUEST LIST: Cancun/Riviera Maya/Cabo San Lucas/Puerto Vallarta and many islands in the Caribbean are the mecca for North American destination weddings. Some properties hold multiple ceremonies at different locations in the same day! These regions have established vendors and wedding coordinators on-site who understand all religious customs & traditions. They have a variety of packages to choose from depending on your price point. All resorts have varying on-site locations to fit different capacities. So based on your guest list & ceremony requirements; we can determine which resort(s) will fit your needs. Shoreline Destinations will gather information from you and then provide you with the best one or two resort options to fit your needs. We will schedule conference calls, and can arrange pre-site visits over a long weekend if undecided on which venue you want. We will work with you to be present and handle pre-site visits on a case by case basis. *Extra fees may apply.

  • DECOR & DETAILS TO MAKE YOUR WEDDING CEREMONY UNIQUE Lastly, consider your décor, entertainment and reception – these can be as elaborate or as simply stated as budget allows. Don’t forget – your view is your décor! If you plan to bring in your own vendors, then factor in the cost of their airfare and room. Depending on the number of rooms booked, most venues will provide a free room or two, which can be used for your vendors. It is not uncommon for couple to bring in their own makeup artist, photographer, videographer and/or priest. Shoreline Destinations has access to local vendors and a bilingual priest for Hindu ceremonies incorporating English. We will work with any vendors you may choose to bring with you to organize their travel arrangements.

Weddings, whether local or destination, are like buying new houses or cars; the more options you add, the higher the cost.  The difference is, if you are practical, you are ensuring yourself and your guests with such a unique, memorable experience, that will leave a lasting impression.... and most likely some of your guests wanting to have their own destination wedding!

If you have any questions or want more information on how you can successfully plan destination weddings on a budget, please contact us or find us on Facebook