Ask the experts - Travel hacks

We love travel (obviously!), but we know that sometimes traveling to your favorite destination can be stressful. Our travel advisors are here to help and provide their advice. Check out their top travel hacks so you can travel like a pro too!

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Andrea Norfolk

Reduce clothing wrinkles

“Save the plastic covers your clothes come in from the dry cleaners or from ordering online. They protect your clothes and really do prevent wrinkles! I use these bags for any dresses or dress clothes that I bring. I put all dresses on plastic hangers and pack them with the hangers. So unpacking for me is literally a 10 minute process! For tropical spots, I'm packing dresses and bathing suits; that's it... makes it easy to pack and unpack.”


Anjli Patel

Stay warm

“When heading to a warm destination, I usually wear flip flops or sandals. However, airplanes are notorious for being cold! It’s hard to feel warm when your toes are cold, so a pair of warm socks make my travel experience much more comfortable. I wear them after I'm seated or have a pair ready in my carry on.”


Jo North

Add a day

“My travel hack is to schedule a "cushion" day before returning to reality from a vacation. Give yourself a day to unpack, start some laundry and acclimate to normal life before diving into work and school! Consider flying home on Saturday to give yourself Sunday to get some chores taken care of, grab some groceries and grieve that your vacation is over.... then call your travel agent to schedule the next one!”

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Sandy Brunner

Ready for the pool

“Going to an All-Inclusive resort or somewhere with a fabulous pool? Pack an inner tube or other inflatable in your suitcase and blow it up when you get there! Then you have something to leisurely float around the pool in while sipping the cocktail of your choice. It definitely makes the trip that much more relaxing.”